A day dedicated to the fathers

Every year, fathers’ day is celebrated at our FADA project at Sanjay Colony. It was no exception this year.  The unit was jam packed with children, their parents and teachers from Sanjay Colony on 17th June, 2017. On a discrete corner, a stall was organized, where different products made by the girls and their fathers were showcased. The stall represented the union of a father and a daughter that the project wants to promote. There was an empty banner of a white cloth which presented a picture of a girl child in the lap of her mother. Fathers were scribbling their thoughts on the cloth. The testimony reflected what a father would want her daughter to become in future.


World Environment Day Celebration

World Environment day was observed at many locations. Children participated in many activities and trees were also planted at many places. A brief overview is given below:

Collage on World Environment Day celebrated at DLCSC

Deepalaya Learning Center Sanjay Colony: Children of Sanjay Colony learning centre and the FADA students celebrated World Environment Day on 5th June 2017. The day began at 8am when the students during special assembly spoke about the importance of saving the earth and the kind of problems our earth is facing due to man’s indiscriminate felling of trees, polluting the air, water, soil thereby disturbing the ecological balance. The students spoke about planting more trees, saving water and using cycles as far as possible and even walking.




Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya