Deepalaya has been tirelessly contributing to the nation’s aim of providing education to the poor. With the passing of the Right to Education (RTE) Bill, the long struggle towards equality of education is finally taking its due shape. But still there is a lot to be done with the implementation of the Bill. Read on to find out more.“The Bill unquestionably depicts a positive sign, but even after it got a green signal from the government of India, the Schools still have similar issues that they had before the bill was passed. For instance, in Delhi itself there are many underprivileged children whose parents don’t have proper documents like birth certificate etc and in turn are being denied the right to get education. Not just this, there are students who are being denied admission due to their Open Learning School background,” commented Jeebanjyoti Mohanty, Assistant Manager, Programme Management. She said that Deepalaya has been playing a major role by bringing the underprivileged children at par with their peers. This they have done by bringing the out of school children, drop-outs and children not attending schools due to various other reasons to their learning centers. She feels that the government should work hand in hand with the NGO towards mainstreaming the children to the Government Schools. Anita Sawhney, Principal, Deepalaya School Kalkaji Extension has a different take on the Bill for the children who are already attending Schools. She says that, “The purpose of RTE Bill focusing on providing compulsory elementary education is very meaningful. But I am not convinced by the clause which says that no child should be held back in a class and all should be passed. I feel that every child studying in a School must get educated but with their sheer hard work otherwise some students would take advantage of this clause. Without learning and understanding anything concrete they will have to be sent up to the next class.” She too feels that since the School is running for the underprivileged itself, the government should be more supportive. She contemplates that the Bill if implemented properly can be very beneficial for the children and for building a great nation. Although, the Bill has contributed to the years of efforts towards the MISSION EDUCATION; but somehow it feels that the journey towards getting education for the poor is still a long run dream. Send feedback to ravipahuja@deepalaya.org By- Pooja Sikka, Officer- Media Coordination & Content Development

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