Long Live Deepalaya

Founder's Day Celebration at Deepalaya School Kalkaji ExtensionIt was a day which was long awaited, a day yearned for by everyone forming part of Deepalaya Parivar. Of all the days, one day that is special is the Deepalaya foundation day. It is a day when everyone pays their obeisance to the special 7 who came together with their hard-earned money of Rs. 2500/- and united for a cause that would one day evolve into a people’s organization. 36 years on, Deepalaya – the abode of light — is growing and glowing every day with a never-say-die spirit of serving the community.

It was time to celebrate 16th July — the day when Mr. Mathew talking about Deepalaya's journey of last 36 years of enabling self reliantDeepalaya was born 36 years ago — a day when everyone came together under one roof at Deepalaya School Kalkaji Extension to share their experiences, to shake a leg and sing together.

The occasion was graced by two founding members — Mr. T K Mathew and Mr. T M Abraham and started with a solo song from Deepalaya Learning Centre Sanjay Colony. It was followed by a welcome speech with Mr. P T Varghese, Director (Admin) and a graceful dance by Ms. Shamli on the evergreen number – abhi na jao chhor ke ki dil abhi bhara nhi.Ms. Shamli of Sanjay Colony Learning Centre performing on evergreen no. Abhi Na Jao Saiyan ke Mann abhi bhara nahi

Thereafter, Mr. T K Mathew informed the audience how this small plant grew over these years and is marching towards self-reliance gradually. “The un-satiated desire to serve people is the only factor which has kept the organization moving and binds us together even now, when some of our founding members are no longer with us,” said Mr. Mathew.

It was time to begin the celebrations. No one had ever imagined that we have a huge group of talented people, who can sing such melodious songs, dance to a variety of Bollywood, traditional and cultural songs, enact the social evils prevalent in Scintilating Dance performance by Deepalaya employeessociety. One by one, everyone came upstage to participate and exhibit their talent.

Though each and every performance had an elegance of its own, one that grabbed all the limelight was put up by SHG team from Tavru on a Bhojpuri song. It was amazing to see women dancing in jeans and t-shirts, dragging Mr. Mathew and Mr. Abraham to the dance floor, who thoroughly enjoyed the occasion. There were others who followed suit and shook a leg together.

Three-hour long function came to an end with aMr. TM Abraham planting a tree on Deepalaya's 36th Founder's Daydance performance from Deepalaya School Kalkaji Extension followed by National Anthem and a sumptuous lunch. Mr. Mathew and Mr. Abraham planted a sapling each to mark the occasion. The day passed by, but is still alive in our hearts, with fond memories to relish for days together.


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