Institutional Care


Imagine living your life on the streets, with no idea where your next meal will come from. Imagine being so afraid that you feel you have no choice but to run away from home. Now, imagine doing all of this before your eighteenth birthday.


Deepalaya started its Institutional Care programme as a part of its Gusbethi project in 2000 with only 19 children. The programme is run by Deepalaya Gram and seeks to provide shelter, care, homely atmosphere and a dignified life to children from difficult circumstances like street and run-away children, victims of child abuse, children of lifetime convicts, -Ve children of HIV/ AIDS +Ve parents, children of sex workers, and other vulnerable categories.


Of the children currently residing at the Institutional Care Centre, 28% are orphans, 41% are from single parent families and 31% are economic orphans.

There are currently 84 children residing at the Institutional Care Centre, 28 girls and 56 boys. There are 23 Orphan children, 34 children from single parents and 27 children who are economic orphans. 10 children are currently under the process of repatriation.

Girls Home building in Gusbethi

Infrastructure and procedures

  • Staff- 3 House mothers, 1 Institutional Care officer, 1 Child Welfare officer, Social worker, counsellor and the In-charge
  • Children are can be admitted through Child Welfare committee/ NGOs/ authorized agency.

Service provided for Children

  1. Academic development through Deepalaya School Gusbethi
  2. Latent Talent Development through sports, singing, dancing , music and literary activities
  3. Life skill development through training, classes, seminars and special session
  4. Psychological/emotional maturity- through counselling, group therapies, dealing, teaching and relationship building
  5. Health care – provided from deepalaya clinic at gusbethi and from government hospital tauru
  6. Spiritual growth- children are given sufficient time, space and platform to develop their own likeness and choice for religion and spiritualism


Recent achievements

  • Mohan got second prize in drawing in district level drawing comptiton on 23th August 2014.
  • Shubham got 3rd in Don Bosco Inter NGO drawing competition at Delhi
  • Shubham is volunteering at Pressed company and web designer 
  • Kasim was repatriated and now studying social work in Orrissa
  • Siraj, Shubham and Sallu passed class 12 and are working in delhi
  • Children participated in the seminar “children’s Right to Play” organized by Delhi child Rights club in August 2014.



Institutional Care boys' home

Contact Details

Contact Person               :  Mr. John Rameson
Contact Number             :  +91 9728594870






Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya