Deepalaya School - Gusbethi

A short drive away from Gurgaon lies Mewat. Situated among the fringe districts of Haryana, it is no surprise that this region lies mostly forgotten by the rest of the world. This harsh land is devoid of industrialisation and due to the lack of development in the area; illiteracy is rampant among the thousands of villages and countless men, women and children that call Mewat home. Gusbethi is one such village in Mewat with a very high illiteracy rate.


The NGO Deepalaya established its school in Gusbethi 1998, with the aim of injecting a strong dose of self-reliance and education into an otherwise backward area that relied on agriculture for its survival. The Deepalaya School not only provides quality education to children of poor farmers of Gusbethi and adjacent villages, but also has a hostel facility for children belonging to vulnerable categories.


Gusbethi school, Haryana

School facilities and procedures

  • Classes from UKG to class VIIIth
  • 17 classrooms with a library and a computer room
  • HBSE course is followed. The coursework is divided into 10 class tests, 4 unit tests and 2 sets of exams
  • Recognised with Haryana Board of School Education


Recent achievements (administrative, academic or co-curricular):

  • Enrollment has increased to 869 children as on 31.03.2015.
  • Notable decrease in the drop out and absentee rate
  • Increase in the hiring rate of teachers and staff members by 15%
  • The students participated in various cultural activities
  • Several plantation drives were held by the students. 


Computer classes at Gusbethi school

Contact Details

Contact Person    : Mr. Manoj 

Contact Number    : 09896185727





Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya