Name: Rohit
Date Of Birth : 15/06/2013
Address: Titron
Rohit (Born on 15/06/2013) is studying in class LKG at SAHARAN PUR Formal School-UP.
Other Details

Favourite Subject : N/A.

Ambition : N/A.

His family consists of
Name Relation Age Education Occupation
Sulendra Father 30 Nil Labour
Meenu Mother 28 Nil Housewife
Aniket Brother 3 None
Kartik Brother 9 None
They belong to the state of Uttar Pradesh. Presently they live at Titron.

Social workers remarks: Rohit is a well disciplined child. Very sincere and friendly in nature. He is very punctual and does all the assigned work on time. He is good in academics and a keen learner who always eager to learn new things.

Rohit and his family thank you for your support!

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