Bringing Social Change through unified sports

“Special Olympic Bharat”, a trust registered under Trust Act, 1882, with accreditation by Special Olympics International, conducts special Olympic events throughout the country. The organization conducted a two-day workshop on 24th and 26thFebruary, 2016 at Balvant Rai Mehta Vidya Bhawan for promotion of unified Sports – where a Special Athlete participates with an able-bodied athlete who is called “partner”. The partner’s age and ability should match with the special athlete to provide a level-playing ground.

The workshop was organized to create awareness about Unified Sports and to train Multidisciplinary Team Special Children waiting for their turns to play.comprising of Teachers and Special Educators as sports coach for Volleyball and badminton. Mr. Arvind and Ms. Kalpana from Deepalaya Special unit attended this workshop.

The first day mainly concentrated on providing basic knowledge of both the sports — Volley Ball and Badminton.

Senior Coach Mr. Satyender and Mr. Rohit Manchanda from Special Olympic Bharat taught many things regarding Volley Ball and Badminton. They explained about the measurement of ground, how to assess an Athlete, how to make court and prepare an athlete. Basic skills of the games like service, passing, receiving, spike, Bump set, Mr. Arvind Special Education recieving certificate for the workshop.Dig/defense, hand feeding, racket feeding, forehand stroke, back hand stroke, etc. were also taught.

On day two, the coaches guided all the Special Educators on how to assess the Athletes. Thereafter, all the participants were given certificates.

The workshop proved very useful as the special educators will now be able to teach the special children different techniques of playing volleyball and badminton, apart from organizing a unified sports competition at our Special unit.

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