Artificial Jewellery Making Workshop for Teachers

Teachers’ training program to enhance creativity 

An Artificial Jewellery Making Workshop was organized for the teachers during 30th August to 5th Sept. Mr. Suraj Tamoli conducted this workshop. All the teachers enthusiastically participated in the workshop at least for 30-40 minutes per day, according to their class timings. The workshop was completed successfully on Teachers’ Day. Teachers, other staff and some girls of class IXth purchased some jewellery pieces on the last day.

Artificial Jewellery making workshop for teachers

Special assembly was conducted on Tuesday, 5th September with great enthusiasm. The day buzzed with smiles all around. Mrs. Radha Viswanath from the field of journalism and an eminent author of Gaathaa (Mytho-retelling) was the chief guest. Mrs. Shanta Sastri and Dr. Faye Farmer were also present on behalf of Soubhagya Nirmalam Foundation, to grace the occasion. Students of LKG to Class II participated in this assembly. Arjun Kumar of Class II commenced the assembly by bringing everyone’s attention to the significance of this day and the importance of teachers in children’s lives. Selected students from all the classes recited poems, dedicated to their teachers, in front of our honorable guests. Guests were pleased to see their performances. Lastly, Mrs. Radha, Mrs. Shanta and Dr. Faye shared few words of encouragement for the students.

Headmistress Dr. Sangita Sen proposed the vote of thanks. The assembly concluded with the National Anthem. Later they visited the classes, interacted with our children and also purchased some earthen decorative items, prepared during summer activities. Our chief guest had a unique experience as she expressed her happiness while interacting with the children. Light refreshments were given to all the staff. It was truly a proud day for the teachers as they received love and attention from the children.

Deepalaya School, Gusbethi: Teachers day was celebrated at Deepalaya School Gusbethi with Mr. Kuriyan Behnan, Manager Administration. The teachers were given a number of gifts as a token of respect to their services. Students welcomed the teachers with great respect and love. School Principal, Dr. Manoj Kumar and headmaster Mr. Inderjeet paid homage to Dr. Sarvpalli Radhakrishnan. The students kickstarted the function with lot of poems and speech recitation for their beloved teachers. They also gave hand-made cards with a specific title to each teacher. All staff members and students enjoyed a lot. After that one by one cultural performances were put up by the students like dance, song, skit, theme song etc. A video clip was shown with pictures of last three years and all the teachers were feeling nostalgic. After this, a cake was cut and everyone enjoyed the lunch sponsored by the School principal. The teachers had a gala time as they danced together on Bollywood numbers.

Deepalaya SQEP project: At Deepalaya SQEP project, the students took on the role of their beloved teachers. A special assembly was held in the school and children were informed about the importance of Teachers’ Day. The student who stepped into the shoes of their teacher spoke about the teacher they like and why so.

Father and Daughter Alliance: FADA had an entirely different approach towards celebrating teacher’s day. They organized a health camp on the occasion in collaboration with Max Hospital, Saket. 202 students and 24 parents from Y-block and Sanjay colony were thoroughly checked and examined. Their height and weight was also monitored. The doctors distributed medicines free of cost to all the students. It was found that 65% of the beneficiaries were found to be suffering from skin allergy. Around 50% were found to be suffering from deficiency in Calcium. A few of them also had low Hb levels.

After the health camp, a short cultural programme was organized to celebrate the Teacher’s day.

All in all, the students and teachers had an enjoyable day at all the centers and schools.

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