A special surprise for our special kids

Le Passage guests visited Deepalaya Sambhav project.A group of 38 people including interns and staff from le Passage Travel to India (LPTI) visited the Sambhav project on 25th May 2016. The visitors were briefed about the project. They were informed how special children are identified and parents are counseled to send them to the unit. At the time of admission, the children are assessed and individualized education plans and goals are set for each child. The children are thereafter given special education, physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy depending upon their needs. The children are helped with learning activities of daily living (ADL). They were also informed about different kind of activities that are conducted for the students for the holistic rehabilitation of the beneficiaries.

After the introduction, the group was divided into 5 sub-groups and each group was given one class so that theyGuests from Le passage visited Sambhav project at Okhla. can interact with the children and spend some time with them. They also helped the children in accomplishing the task that was given by the special educator. A few also learnt the art of quelling from students engaged in vocational unit. Some students presented a dance performance to engage the visitors. After about an hour the groups were rotated so that everyone got a chance to interact with all students. Towards the end, the visitors distributed some stationery items including, crayons and coloring books. Children were also given chocolates, mixed fruit juice and a packet of wafers. The visitors bought products worth Rs. 4100/- made by the special kids.

The children too enjoyed the presence of visitors and feel pampered when someone from outside bring gifts for them.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya