An alliance to eliminate cataract in Mewat

Eye checkup camp at Deepalaya Clinic in collaboration with Dr. Rajender Prasad Eye Center, AIIMS12th of May was a special day for the Haryana unit of Deepalaya as well people residing in Gusbethi. After a long gap of more than three years, Deepalaya conducted an eye camp in collaboration with Rajendra Prasad Eye Center, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). The collaboration will go a long way for eradicating cataract from Mewat. The partnership intends to establish a vision center at the hospital. Initially, one eye camp shall be conducted in a week. The patients suffering from cataract shall be brought to AIIMS for the surgery. A team of 8 people visited Gusbethi on 12th May. After registration, 87 people were examined. A team of three people checked their BP, weight and sugar before conducting the eye check up.People at Deepalaya Community Clinic in Gusbethi, Haryana registering themselves for the eye chekups Dr. Vivek conducted the eye check up tests and found that six people needed Cataract operation and 22 were prescribed spectacles. A boy who is not more than nine years old was found to be suffering from Cataract. One of our teachers was also found to be a Cataract case.

Mr. Ajay Gupta, Manager Programme conducted the awareness generation sessions in the community. The doctors asked the patients to visit AIIMS on 18th May. Mr. Gupta stayed in touch with the patients after the camp. However, despite regular counseling, only Mr. Ali Mohammad, 65 years agreed to get operated. The other Doctors from All India Institute of Medical Sciences conducting eye checkups at Deepalaya Clinic, Gusbethi, Haryanapatients arrived at Deepalaya hospital but refused for the operation due to summer and scorching heat. Mr. Mohammad was admitted in the hospital on 18th, operated successfully on 19th May and discharged on 20th May. The staff dropped him at the Deepalaya hospital, from where his family members took him home. He was so happy with the services at AIIMS that he promised to spread the news in the village.




Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya