Deepalaya -- An insatiable passion, a lifelong obsession!!

Deepalaya is an obsession, a passion which continues to have its hold on the minds of several people who were A free personality development workshop for children in Childrens Home in Gusbethi.associated with the organisation in some way or the other. This is true to our students, volunteers, interns and even employees who leave Deepalaya for one reason or the other. While we deeply feel the void created by the conspiquous absence of their physical presence, their mind, their thoughts revolve around Deepalaya.

An unforgettable evening, a musical extravaganza!!

Deepalaya Choral Group performance at Kalkaji ExtensionWhat an evening it was! Everything seemed to be in harmony with each other. Mr. K J Alphons, the Chief Guest, alongwith Mr. A J Philip, Chairman, Mr. T K Mathew, CE and Secretary and other Board members graced the occasion, the day of celebrations, when hundreds of children from different our projects came together to sing together.